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Inustrial/organizational psychology worksheet Essay

1. Describe the evolution of the field of industrial/organizational psychology. The area of Industrial and organizational psychology was created in the eighteen-hundreds out of experimental psychology (Spector, 2012). The creators of Industrial and organizational psychology were Walter-Dill Scott, Hugo Munsterberg, and also James Mckeen Cattel. These three creators of Industrial and Organizational psychology brought both the findings as well as the application of mental ethics into the area of businesses.When industrial and organizational psychology first started the aim was to enhance businesses organizational efficiency and productivity, mostly by employing psychology with an importance on specific dissimilarities, throughout ones selection and also their training. Throughout the earlier years of this type of psychology its main emphasis was on the industrial side (Spector, 2012). Within this time frame there was a joining in the area of industrial psychology linking both the field of engineering and the principles of psychology.Most of the people that helped with this area had some sort of background in the industry, some of these individuals also had a history in the law as well (Spector, 2012). The main purpose of industrial psychology would be to understand ones’ behavior in order to improve the selection of new employees and their training. The main purpose of organizational psychology would be to better understand ones’ behavior in order to better the satisfaction of employees as well as their well-being within the corporation. 2. Explain why industrial/organizational psychology should be considered a science.Include an explanation of how descriptive and inferential statistics are used in I/O research. Most Industrial and Organizational psychologists do several different positions in a wide variety of situations (Spector, 2012). Those psychologists whom concentrate on industrial and organizational psychology are generally separated between both scientific research and the different areas of practice. Due to Industrial and Organizational psychology being based upon research that is produced by precise information, Industrial and Organizational psychology relies upon scientific research (Spector, 2012).Though there are two different categories of industrial and organizational psychology, those individuals whom concentrate in the field are most likely to complete the jobs that crosses both of the areas. Most of the research is generally completed in either a college or a university type of setting where an Industrial or Organizational psychologists is working as an instructor. I feel as though that Industrial and Organizational psychology could be considered to be a science because research is a main activity that industrial and organizational psychologists perform.One of the main contributions that have been given by researchers to this field of psychology would be the advancement in methods that are used to both select as well as train new employees (Spector, 2012). Their research is also used in order to solve any issues that a company may be going through. 3. Discuss the influence industrial/organization psychology has had on organizations. Provide examples. Industrial and Organizational grew due to the World War l.Whenever America appeared in World War l there were industrial and organizational psychologists that were called on in order to create a plan for recruits, psychological evaluations, and also to be used as a method when it came to selecting people for certain jobs in the military. The duo of psychologists that were working with the military was ran by Robert Yerkes (Spector, 2012). The most well-known success of this group of psychologists would be the creation of both the Army Beta as well as the Army Alpha tests that tested ones mental abilities.Two main things that helped to influence the field of industrial and organizational psychology in America was the Americans with Disabilities Act in the year of 1990 as well as the passage of the Civil Rights Act in the year of 1964 (Spector, 2012). Though these two main events helped the field of industrial and organizational psychology be shaped, research from both fields helped to produce very helpful information that helped industrial and organizational psychologists to improve their workplace.

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